Does your crush, crush you back?

This quiz is for sensible girls 11-15 ages as it isn't really for grown women... More for teens and early teens who all have crushes in middle school ......

Everyone has a crush, just really unsure if boys like them back I've experienced crushes before! It must feel awkward when your around your crush but if he doesn't like you : isn't always accurate : take no offence

Created by: Kirsty123
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  1. When he sees you walking does he weirdly walk backwards like his face is looking directly at you? ( this happens to me it is probably a definite sigh he likes looking @ your pretty face )
  2. Does he ever caught your attention by making his confidence to do a shy smirk towards you? even if he is near you or looks down he is still doing it at you!
  3. Is he all silly & boyish infront of his mates! ( don't take it as a bad way he is just trying to not make it obvious infront of his mates! )
  4. Does he talk to other girls braver than he is to you? ( he isn't a player your the only special star he treats differently apart from the others! )
  5. What's his expression when he talks to you?
  6. Has he friends been a bit nicer to you lately and maybe more talkative? This could also mean that your crush wants to find out more about you when you and his friends talk!
  7. So when you 2 walk in the same direction your this way and his walking out and you are infront of his sight he...
  8. Have you made wishes about him are they starting to come true?
  9. Does he stare into your eyes? Unless his a shy guy he will do a quick glance and looks away
  10. Are you 100% sure now that you think he is crushing you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush, crush you back?