Does your Crush Crush you?

Their are a lot of fish n the sea but only but theirs only one person right for you. What is a crush? A crush is someone you admire frm a far or in some ppls case ur up close and personal.

Do you have a crush? Do you knw if ur crush likes you? Do you want to knw if your crush likes you? Well thanks to this excellent quiz you could find out by jus answering a feww questions.

Created by: Sarina

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does the boy/girl you like talk to you?
  2. How many times have you flirt with your crush?
  3. Does your crush flirt with you?
  4. Have you ever had a past relationship with your crush?
  5. What does your crush call you?
  6. Are you currently in a friendship with your crush?
  7. Do some of your crushs' friend's not like you(as a friend)?
  8. If your crush was out on a date with her/his friends would he/she say hi to you?
  9. Does your crush have your number?
  10. Do you have your crush's number?
  11. How did u get your crush's number?
  12. Has any1 evr told u tht ur crush like u?
  13. Who knws tht u like ur crush?
  14. Hav u ever told ur crush tht u like him/her?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Crush you?