Are You and Your Crush Compatible?

Sometimes, we all wish what our crush really thinks about us. Do we know what they think of us? No, it's not like we can read their minds, that would be FUR-eaky... No, I'm just kidding. Ha ha ha.

Do YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CRUSH THINKS OF YOU? U DON'T? Well then what the heck are you waiting for? Take this quiz and see if you and your crush are compatible! Results may vary?

Created by: Sophia of sp101girl
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  1. Does your crush ever smile or show deep emotion around you?
  2. When your crush is around his or her friends, does his friends smile at him or wink when you're around?
  3. Have you ever noticed the way your crush acts toward you? How does he or she act?
  4. Does your crush smile at what you say?
  5. Do you and your crush talk all the time?
  6. Have you ever sent a note to your crush?
  7. Why do you like your crush?
  8. Do you find yourself noticing that your crush stares at you ALL the time?
  9. How many times a day do you think of your crush?
  10. Does your crush always listen to what you say?
  11. Are you ever jealous of anybody if your crush pays more attention to them than you?

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Quiz topic: Am I and my Crush Compatible?