What is your most compatible personality?

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my quiz! How are you? Hope your day is going well! I hope you enjoy this quiz about who you are the most compatible with!

Basically, I just ask some random questions and then let you know who I think you're compatible with based on my quiz! There IS an actual sort of science to this quiz making! I thought they were mostly computer generated, but they're not!

Created by: LEo

  1. Are you lonely?
  2. Are you happy/stable on your own?
  3. Are you evil?
  4. Do you TRY to love everyone equally?
  5. Are you laid back?
  6. I have to make at least ten questions for this quiz
  7. Wish you could skip these questions....
  8. Other?
  9. Is your favourite color purple? (no effect)
  10. One more question
  11. Other.....

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Quiz topic: What is my most compatible personality?