does your boyfriend like you

do you think your boyfriend dont like you well take this quiz and find out if he really does like you or if he dont. try the quiz and find out your score.

you and your boyfriend may be best friends but it may last forever but you wont know unless you take this super awesome quiz and find out it only takes a few minutes to fill out

Created by: skye

  1. you ask him to go out to eat. what does he say
  2. you want to see your favorite artist. what will he say when you tell him you 4 tickets to go.
  3. you by a dress. what does he say
  4. whats you gender
  5. how old are you
  6. how old is your bf
  7. whats the favorite of your bf
  8. whats ur fav color
  9. does he know ur middle name
  10. do u know his middle name
  11. do u like this quiz
  12. would u recomond this quiz

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend like you