Does Your Ex Still Like You or Did He Even Like You? Girls Only?

Look girls many of us still like our x's admitt it homes if you still like that dude find iut here if HE still likes U. Well if your jus bored n that's y your taking the quiz well idk but anyways bye well good look homes.

Are you still thinking that maybe just maybe your x still likes you bcause mayb just mayb you still like him well check this quiz out 2 find out n if you don't find out well don't blame me I'm not an expert 4 s--- that I know. Well hav fun taking my quiz?

Created by: marty

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. 4 how long did you guys go out 4.
  2. Who dumped who?
  3. Reason why he or I dumped eachother.
  4. Du people think he's...
  5. Du you still like him.
  6. Are you thinking bout him rite now?
  7. Wats your fav color.
  8. Does he noe wen your b day iz?
  9. Fav #
  10. Did you like dis quiz?

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Quiz topic: Does my Ex Still Like You or Did He Even Like You? Girls Only?