Personality Quiz: Girly Girl or Tomboy?

Tomboy or Girly Girl? Don't know which one you are? It's the distinct differences that separate us into two cultures, but the question is: which one are you?

Don't waste anymore time, and find out! Stop laying in bed wondering, when you can take this quiz! Honestly, do you really want to not know, find out which one you are and live up to the expectations!

Created by: CheeseRox
  1. What selection of colors do you prefer?
  2. What selection of hobbies do you prefer?
  3. What gender do you tend to hang out with more?
  4. Do you play sports? Eg: Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Horse riding, Gymnastics and/or Swimming?
  5. Your Wardrobe Consists of...
  6. Your accessories consist of...
  7. Manners and Rules?
  8. What is your relationship between animals?
  9. Your Favourite TV shows/channels roughly consist of...
  10. You tend to eat more...
  11. You prefer which music genres?
  12. What is your dream job?
  13. Favourite types of books?
  14. Are you organised and neat?
  15. Your opinion on burping and farting
  16. Do you like to gossip?
  17. 1: Justin Bieber 2: One Direction

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