Sweet or Spicy??( Girls Only)

There are many sweet girls out there, and there are many spicy girls out there too. Sweet or Spicy, Candy or Chips, you get the idea. Which one are YOU?? Sweet or Spicy, Spicy or Sweet?? Are you shy or outgoing. Read on for more!

Are you Spicy or Sweet. Are you the girl that hides or shows?? I don't know but with this lucky quiz you will find out! This quiz has exactly 14 questions that will help you figure out. Are you ready?? ENJOY!

Created by: Natalie

  1. White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate??
  2. American Idol or So you think you can dance??
  3. Florida or Hawaii??
  4. Lake or Ocean??
  5. Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas??
  6. Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato??
  7. Pancakes or Waffles??
  8. Jake T. Austin or Nat Wolff??
  9. Cute or Hot??
  10. Elvis Presly or Micheal Jackson??
  11. Hunky Guy or Sexi Guy??
  12. Last Question: Blonde or Brunette??

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