Does ur ex still like u even if he says he dosent

We all have been in a horrible place with a guy that we loved to take this quiz and find out if the man of your dreams wants you back in his life this test is just to show were u stand who said u can't change his mind later and get him back

You might be one lucky girl who gets her true love back and even if the test said that he doesn't want you back u show him the best u and change his mind this is how he feels now u can get him back with ur lovely personality

Created by: Jullion

  1. After u broke up did he ask u back
  2. Has anyone told u he still likes u
  3. Does he usually hide his emotions
  4. Have u guys ever had a special moment together when u were dating
  5. Does he usually play around and say he likes someone but really doesn't
  6. Does he mess with u/ joke around a lot
  7. If u two were alone together what would happen
  8. Do u think u ex still likes u
  9. Has ur ex said u hate him then say he likes someone else as if he was trying to pretend he doesn't have feelings for u
  10. would ur ex ever tell u there sorry

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