does the boy you like like you back?

There are many boys around you. Which one is your perfect one. The one you'll spend your whole life with, forever and ever. The one is out there, waiting for you to come.

Are you and your crush the perfect pair? Are you two destined to together forever and ever? For life? With this test, you'll find out. Good luck!

Created by: sg

  1. Does he give you tons of compliments?
  2. Does he look at you a lot?
  3. Does he look at you a lot
  4. Does he blush or turn red when you talk to him
  5. How many things Did he invite you to.?
  6. Has he cursed at you
  7. Has he ever gave you romantic things like flowers
  8. The boy you like walks over to you. "Wanna dance". What do you do?
  9. Your crush comes up to you and asks you to meet him at his house. What do ya do?
  10. Has your mom found out that you like your crush

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