Does She Like You!?!(boys Only)?

Thanks for take in the quiz sice I'm a chick I thoght I could help out any confused guys I know us girls are hard ta read so ill see wat I can do if I'm wrong I'm sorry!

Bla bla bla bla dada dad lala la do do dodo da do why are ya read n this what ever lalla do da da do heheh hahah ehehe rara ohlala want your bad romance!!!

Created by: jckitty7

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  1. Frist things frist are you a guy!?!
  2. Does she ever look at you and look away real fast?
  3. Does she take any thing from you not to be mean just to tease you or any thing like that or mess with you in any way?
  4. Does she talk quit or do any weird thing when she talks to you?
  5. Does she smell good to you?
  6. Do her feinds giggle around you?
  7. Do yall talk a lot?
  8. Is she difrint when yall a lone?
  9. Do yall talk on the phone or text... A lot!
  10. No effect how much do like her.
  11. Lalala I hope you like wat you get if not my bad!

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