does my crush like me?for girls

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Many girls wonder if there crush even likes them but are afraid of asking them well now I made this quiz for girls with this problem.Please answer this quiz wisely.

"Does your crush like you?"Do you really need to know if his heart is beating your way or is paying attention to you well here take this quiz and finally know if he is into you.

Created by: maria
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. does he look at you?
  2. does he talk to you?
  3. when he talks to you or see him around you look at his....
  4. does he ever touch you?
  5. do you see him at.....
  6. does he know everything about you?
  7. is he your friend?
  8. does he have a girlfriend?
  9. is he mean to you?
  10. does he say nice things to you?

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