does a boy like you?

there are many girls who think 'my crush really likes me'.but most of the time people are wrong about their crush's feelings about them.if you think someone is pretty or handsome,you like them.

are you sure your crush likes you?do you think does he fancy me?right up till now you only wondered.take this quiz to find out does your crush like you as much as you like him!!!

Created by: hihi101
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  1. when you look at him does he look back?
  2. if you always go somewhere usually on a Friday is he always there?
  3. does he complement on your outfit?
  4. does he laugh at your jokes even if everyone thinks its not funny?
  5. does he tell you your clever or smart?
  6. does he 'randomly' drop in for tea?
  7. does he ask over to his house?
  8. does he ring or text you?
  9. when you talk to him does he fidget?
  10. does say your name when he is not supposed to?

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