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  • I am grinning like an idiot. Ever heard this verse in a song: '2 A.M. who do you love? I've wondered 'till I'm wide awake.'

    But I've got a 91 percent chance!! *MySecret*-kun, we've got this!

    I just put that on the Internet...

    *blush es, looks around, laughs nervously, slowly turns, runs away*

    *dust trail*
    *flaming line towards sunset*

    At least we're both introverts! Probably the reason nobody's made a big move yet.

    Silver Kitsune
  • I got to church with this guy taylor who dosent really talk to anyone. He is six years older then me and he has a girlfriend. He brought her with him last night and she was beautiful. He is the only guy ive ever liked and he has held two doors opened for me and he has asked me if i knew where my brother was and we went to search for him and we gave back and i went to go sit with his mom and his sister who i also really like. His sister is 3 years older then me but shes really nice. His mom is like my fav person at church. I wish i had just a little bit of hope. I kinda stare at hi. At church pretending to look at the preacher. He is always looking my way but i think he might just be looking at the preacher. He shook my hand and i could not help but to smile my head off. Then his sister hugged me. That was a good day.

  • I really like this boy

    He has beautiful brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes. Ever since 7th grade started, he seems to be really into me. He'll talk to me, blush when I'm around, is VERY protective over me. He'll make comments on how beautiful I am. He says that I'm the most beautiful person he's ever met. I really like him, but I never knew for sure. So I took this quiz and there's a 90% chance he likes me. I asked him myself, and he does. Thank you for encouraging me to ask!!

  • He hates romance, but he really does act like he likes me. here's a small list of some of the things he does:

    He's super protective of me.
    And is always complimenting me.

    And makes sure he's the first person to sit next to me...

    And tries to spend as much time with me as he can...

    And makes sure I never feel too lonely...
    And helps me with schoolwork...
    And tries to help keep me healthy...

    And is the one to start conversations with me a lot...I start conversations to, but he's the one that usually comes up to me.

    And if I'm going somewhere and invite him, he'll try to make sure he can go. And if we change the place, he'll try to go there even if most of his other friends aren't going...

    And sooooooo much more...this is just the tip of the iceberg...soooo yeah...

    • My f---ing crush spits on my face whenever I talk to him, but the quiz said I have a 12% chance. Im gonna get it in.

  • We usually go to school together and in class he stares at me and when I look at him Back he looks away.

    I ask my friends what does that mean and they told me he might like me or maybe not. I was so surprise when I heard about it, I mean I liked him too but i couldn't explain how much I love him and wish we could be together again.

    Now I found that again, he doesn't like. But we still stare at each sometimes when we walk by each other.

    His bestfriend found out that I like him and told him everything, and u know what he said: " lucky for me" I mean what does that even mean.

    But now we are gf and bf and am so happy.

  • I have this crush weve only known each other for a short amount of time but I know I like him i think/ thought he liked me but recently hes seemed distanced he says its because hes studying but I feel like its something more I want to talk to him more but I dont want to seem clingy

  • Some bullies manipulated my crush so I think he might hate me I'm not sure. But I like him a lot =( (crying emoji)

  • My crush kissed me, it turned romantic, all night

  • also.. I have a 89% chance


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