Does my brother have a crush on u? (better than that quiz^^)

DO THIS QUIZ!!! DO THIS QUIZ!!! DO THIS QUIZ!!! it is like sooo awesome trust me plz pretty pretty plz do it ill give u some waffles if u do the quiz..

y wont u do the quiz y y y maybe o=cos i havent given u ur waffles uet umm can that wait a few... years??? guess not oh well but still do the quiz plz

Created by: Mistystar

  1. y r u doing this quiz
  2. whats ur fav colour
  3. be honest noone is gonna see ur answer do u pick ur nose?
  5. do u like blah blah blah?
  6. you are a....
  7. ur dream job is to be a...
  8. waffles make u feel...
  9. u r crying. why?
  10. this is the end

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