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  • Totally not accurate: I know he likes me, he play fights with me, he whispers to me, he talks to me way too much, when we first met he was staring at me a LOT he couldn't keep eyes off of me and kept trying to get my attention and make me laugh, and he does way more than that now. He acts like we're going out, either that or I can't tell the difference of best guy friend and boyfriend, and my friends say he looks at me differently, totally different way than he does at other girls. And he hesitaded when a guy said, hey u two should go out when we were play fighting in hallway

    S, and he follows me to my bus and high fives my window, I think he wants me to know how he feels about me. He always stares and looks for me when I'm not around, and my friend told me he was going crazy when he couldn't find me when I at the bus stop the other day; should we really go out with each other?

  • Awesome quiz! I'm sort of confused as to how he feels; we were debate partners and became good friends and then he asked me out. We went out a few weeks ago, but since then it feels like I'm always initiating conversation. Granted with Covid I rarely see him in person, and when I do he waves and says hello or we talk for longer, but over text, I normally start the dialogue. I assumed that he likes me as he asked me out ya know, but he also mentioned that he and his ex sort of stopped talking and no one really ended things. I really hope we won't stop talking because he's a great guy who I very much like, but I also don't want to always start things. Does he still like me?

  • Your Result: He's into you!

    Your crush definitely feels something towards you. He tries hard to make sure you notice him, and make sure he doesn't slip your mind. Bring it up as a suggestion to hang out and maybe he'll try to turn it into something more!

    Well, there's only ONE problem. I honestly don't know if I like him. I mean, he's 17 and I'm 13. He isn't even in my school, but we always manage to see each other sometimes. Then he waves at me, and suddenly he has made my whole day. Once, he came to talk with me. Do you know what that means? He left his friends(all in his age), and came to talk to ME. A little(fine, maybe not so little) 13-year old girl, that's not even in his school.

    • My parents are more than 10 years apart ... I think your good.

  • This is the dumbest quiz ever. Your very bad at telling if a guy likes you or not. He clearly likes me but when I did this quiz it said isn't in to me just b/c I circled I never went to his house and let him meet my family and stuff. Like Bruh, what does that have anything to with him liking me?! STUPID QUIZ.

  • @AiFiah - That's a toughy.. I think just keep talking to him and try to bring up hanging out... subtly... maybe he'll want something. That kind of age difference gets confusing but I personally think it's worth something.

  • i know he likes me he told me , he says he doesnt like relation ships , but he calls me bae, baby ect. and he tells me that he loves me every week , i love him so much but i want us to date

  • Thanks. Hope I'm right too. c:

  • great quiz, I'm really hoping your right!!!! ;)


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