does he truley dig you

There are many guys out there and you happen to fall for the one that catches your eye. Your not sure if this guy likes you or not so you decide to do some snooping like asking his best guy friend questions about him. heres a tip dont do that chances are that will not endup good.

Do you like a guy? Does it seem like he like he likes you but your not sure? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz and questions based off of things that happen to girls all the time you can find out if that special someone likes you back.

Created by: nadia

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  1. do you catch your crush starring at you from across the room?
  2. have you ever caught your crush smiling at you?
  3. do you hear your name metioned by you crush or his friends?
  4. does it seem like your crushes friends are always starring at you?
  5. when talking to your crush does he act nervous like fidgeting or shaking his leg etc.?
  6. when walking around does it seem like your crush has been following you?
  7. does your crush stre at your lips when your talking to your friends?
  8. does your crush seem jealous when your talking to one of his guy friends or one of your guy friends?
  9. when cracking a joke does your crush look at you to see if your laughing?
  10. finally has your cush ever came close enough for you guys to touch?

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