Does he really like you?

Ever want to know if your crush likes you? well here you go! this quiz is your ticket to your crush's mind! just take the 10 quizes and you'll see what he thinks of you. I wanted to do this quiz becuase i have always wanted to know what the guy of my dreams thinks about me. It works too! go on try it!

this quiz is ment for YOUR crush , find out what he thinks of you...does he think of you as a Girlfriend, a friend, a best Friend or just as a class mate? What goes on his mind? you want to know..take this quiz to find out! You want to be his new girlfriend take this quiz and know whats in his mind.

Created by: Katia
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  1. Does he ever look deep into your eyes?
  2. Is he your friend?
  3. Does he ever say a joke that will for sure make you laugh?
  4. has he ever been to your house?
  5. Does he know your name?
  6. Does he have a girlfreind? and if he does do you know her?
  7. Does he know any of your friends?
  8. If him and his friends happen to walk pass your locker whats does he do?
  9. does he ever joke around with you? ( ex: teases you, calls you by a nickname)
  10. one day @ school you forget your lunch @ home, what does your crush do?

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