does ma crush like me

if u want to know if you crush likes you just take this simple test it's nothing big. im not an expert but it might help out a little. if u don't like the result take another one.

i really hope you enjoy this because it was very hard to make, this was ma first quiz that i ever made. and if u didn't get the result u wanted thats to bad go take another one!

Created by: mousy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like or love your crush?
  2. hav you ever had eye contact with your crush wen your talking?
  3. if you dropped some stuff around them wat would they do?
  4. do they try to make you laugh?
  5. if you were in a bad situation and one of you had to die would they risk there life for you?
  6. if you got a new hair due or cloths or shoes would they notice?
  7. If they had a choice would they hang out with u or their friend?
  8. do they start conversations with u or do u with them?
  9. if you would determine it would you say they like u?
  10. wats your fav number? (this doesn't effect anything)

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