Does your crush like you?

Everyone has crushes don't they? of course and their are times when you wonder if your crush likes you.. Take this quiz and find out if it's meant to be!

he's beautiful, smart, strong, amazing, attractive, and everything i want. Did your crush's name pop up in your mind when you read that? find out if your name pop up when he reads those things!

Created by: Skylor

  1. Does your crush ever text you first?
  2. Does your crush have a cute nickname for you?
  3. Does your crush ever compliment you?
  4. Does your crush change the subject when you talk about relationships?
  5. Does your crush talk about other girls?
  6. Does your crush always want to hang out and gets jealous?
  7. Does your crush try to impress you/
  8. how does your crush act around his friends
  9. does he go to you for help
  10. lastly, if he does compliment you what kind of things does he say?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?