does he love you (part 2 of crushquiz)

does he really like you? let's see! also remember most of these are just my experience! i have a boy who likes me back and i really think that you gals deserve to know too!

i made this cuz i know from experience that it can be awful not knowing! i know also that some times you think your making up the signs and just seeing what you want to see! so that's why i made this!

Created by: quiztakergirl0

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  1. k hai! () is me talking
  2. so let's get to it! has he ever given you something that he made that nobody else got?
  3. do you catch him looking at you then fidgeting?
  4. how often does he message you? (email/text/tweet/ ect.)
  5. does it seem like he always knows where you are?
  6. has he invited you to his games?
  7. if you answered yes on the previous Q how often do you play together?
  8. has he ever tried to protect you, then got embarrassed cuz it's his friends?
  9. does he get nervous around you?
  10. does he get nervous when you are around his friends, but he's not there?
  11. um that's mostly it but just wondering... what did you get on part 1? (what type of boy is he)
  12. k bai!

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