Does he love you? (Girls only)

There are many different kinds of love, but what happens when you fall for can you tell if they love you in the same way you love them (if you know what I mean)?

This quiz is designed for GIRLS (and girls ONLY) to see if the guy you think you might be in love with is in love with you too! Keep in mind that you shouldn't immediately take these quiz results and assume you're going to get married if you get one of the better results, and if you get some of the worse results, keep your chin up! Maybe one day he will fall for you!

Created by: Evie

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  1. How long have you been going out?
  2. Does he remember your anniversaries?
  3. Do you have much in common?
  4. What does he do when you're upset?
  5. When your on your period he...
  6. He texts/calls/messages you how often?
  7. He knows how much about you?
  8. He's met my family and thinks they're...
  9. How does he feel about your sibling/s?
  10. He tells me I'm...
  11. Our relationship began...

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