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  • I still don't understand how I can be so sure, like 70% of people got a 'he like u!' But could that be possible because those are the answers they unconsciously want. Only 4% got a he likes somebody else. Ridiculous in my opinion. Thanks anyway the quiz looks good I just took notice of statistics and got the feeling that it maybe was too coincidental :(

  • Your Result: He soo likes you sweetie!

    He is head-over-heels in love with you. Stop worrying if he likes her because this quiz DOES NOT lie. Go on a date with him. Tell him how you feel about him. Go flirt. Nice job babe.

    Well, the her is his girlfriend :\. But my friend thinks that he was pressured into asking her out and that he might like me. I hope you guys are both right.

  • he likes me and is in love with another girl hes only known for two weeks and asked her out the day they met. which is cute bc he chose her over me :)))))

  • He likes nobody. Welp..... guess that's not good for me or her...

  • WTF!!!!!)


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