does he like you girls only

If you really think there is a guy that likes you make sure of it take the quiz i am trying to build confidence for this and also teach the importance of BOYS.

Are YOU being crushed on find out who to see if the one you love loves you back. the quiz was brought up and i took it to see if it was what i liked and i did so try it.

Created by: kailee
  1. Do you catch a glance from time to time
  2. Do you like him
  3. Does he do things that don't make sense?
  4. Does he get you in trouble?
  5. Does he like to make you laugh?
  6. what is his fave color
  7. Does he do things unexpectedly?
  8. Do you trust him?
  9. where do you hang out
  10. are you into any activities with him

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