Does he like you? (for middle schoolers)

Do you have that feeling a guy likes you but is afraid to show it? If you take this quiz you will find out if he truly likes you or you have a false accusation!

Are you sure he likes you as a friend or something more!?!?!!? In just a few short minutes you will find out the true answer. ( be aware that these questions are from a 12 year old perspective and is not for people who are not in middle school.)

Created by: Madison
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  1. How many classes do you have together?
  2. If he walks by your class room does he say "Hello"
  3. If he walks by does he ever turn back and glance when he thinks you are not looking, but you catch him.
  4. Does he ever run to catch up to you or stop and wait for you to catch up just so he can talk to you?
  5. When you talk does he always smile?
  6. When you stand by each other are his feet pointing towards you?
  7. When you talk what does he talk about?
  8. Does he stutter when you guys talk
  9. Has he ever asked you something personal?
  10. When you talk does he stare into your eyes?
  11. Do you guys high five, give each other knuckles or something similar?

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