Do you diserve to be in advanced classes?

What does being smart mean? Do you think you can be in advanced classes? Find out! Definition 1: smart having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability Definition 2: smart quick or prompt in action, as a person.

Do you have what it takes to be super smart? Can you say "yes, i'll be in advanced classes this year" knowing you won't fail the class? This quiz will determine if you can say that! PLZ NOTE: this quiz is for middle schoolers only, thx, popbomb9

Created by: popbomb9

  1. What is algerbra?
  2. What is a hexagon?
  3. What is physical science?
  4. What is H2O?
  5. Which sentence is correct?
  6. Which are the correct changes you need to make to this sentence: Martha went to the store to by ate cream puffs four her party?
  7. What title of book is correct?
  8. What Author is real?
  9. What is your favorite subject?
  10. Ready for your result (which is correct)

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Quiz topic: Do I diserve to be in advanced classes?