Warrior Trueness Quiz!

There are four classes in MapleStory, and many subclasses or partial classes that other can become. Are YOU true to warriors? Or should you just go play that other class of yours?

This quiz requires two paragraphs but this quiz-maker is too lazy insert the second paragraph. However, he must go over the evil requirement that this site as unfortunately put out for him.

Created by: Cameron

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  1. Which of the Following is the best?
  2. A fairfrozen is a...
  3. This...isssss......
  4. You see a guy fighting, and he's doing extremely fast damage. You think of him as...
  5. What's the best third job skill?
  6. Pick the BEST set.
  7. Which one is better?
  8. Which person is the coolest?
  9. Which Scroll SHOULD cost the most?
  10. Sparta is a...

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