Does he like you back? (Middle school)

This quiz is for girls in middle school who have a crush on a boy. I’ve been your age before, and I know the feeling. You’re just dying to know what he thinks about you; does he like me, does he not?

If you want to know the answer to your very good question, take this quiz to find out! It’s easy to answer, with 12 simple questions for you to answer. Enjoy!

Created by: Harper Haha

  1. Do you ever talk to him?
  2. Does he ever stare at you?
  3. What does he do when you talk?
  4. Where do you know him from?
  5. Why do you like him?
  6. Does he ever do anything nice just for you? (Example: holds the door)
  7. Are you pretty? (Sorry about this question)
  8. Is he popular?
  9. Has he ever dated anyone?
  10. Have you ever been his partner in a project before at school?
  11. Do YOU think he likes you? (Sometimes what you think is the truth)
  12. Has anyone ever told you that him and you would be a cute couple?

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