Does he like you?

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Many people wonder if there crush likes the back, but it's really hard to notice, and really embarrassing to ask them if they do if they really don't! But if you want to find out if your crush likes you, take this quiz!

I've made loads of these quizzes, but i try to improve them so you can get more accurate results. 'Does he like you?' well there is only one way to find out. Take this quiz of 13 questions, and get your results!

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. How often do you both talk?
  2. How long have you both known each other for?
  3. Have you ever spotted him looking right at you before?
  4. Does he know a lot about you? Your likes, dislikes and hobbies?
  5. Have you have ever been chosen to sit next to him in class? If so, how did he react?
  6. How does he act around you?
  7. Has someone ever said to you that you and your crush would make a good couple? If so, how does he react.
  8. Has he spread any rumors about you?
  9. Are you able to tell him anything without worrying that he will tell anyone else?
  10. What are your popularity statues?
  11. Is he already in a relationship?

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