It's All About Me, It's Always All About Me

This is a quiz about me, myself and I. It's not hard. If we've spent any time together at all you should do fairly well. It's just basic Christen 101.

Sometimes I notice your eyes glazing over when I'm talking and you're pretending to listen. I don't call you out on it because that wouldn't be good manners.

Created by: christen

  1. What's my middle name?
  2. Speaking of names, I had a few nicknames during my "wilder days" that I'd kind of like to forget. Which of the below was NOT one of them?
  3. Don't tell Damon, but I have a crush on...
  4. Don't bother me when I'm watching my favorite TV show ...
  5. I think all of these movies deserve an academy award, but my personal "best picture" Oscar goes to:
  6. Which of the following has NOT been one of my majors:
  7. My favorite author is.....
  8. Despite my best intentions, even though I really want to do it, I never find the time to make myself a Halloween costume as:
  9. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a musical theatre geek. If I had one night to star on Broadway, my "dream" role would be:
  10. My Epitaph Will Read:
  11. I'm planning a 5K Run and Walk on June 9th in Hines Park to help raise funds for the Livonia Youth Task Force. See for more info. You're coming, right?

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