Fairly odd Parnets Quiz

The Amzing quiz about the fairly odd parakeets I am working on another quiz for you called the Minecraft creative quiz but this about the coll tv show the fairly odd parents

Do you know about nicks cool fairly TV show a lot you better know a lot about fairly odd parents or you're not doing good and you're not doing good if you use a skip

Created by: William
  1. What is the name of the kid With Magic Fairies
  2. Why does he have Fairies
  3. Are you going to get this question right
  4. Who hunts Fairies
  5. Who hates Mr.dinkleburg who
  6. Will this quiz go up to the maxim amount of questions it can have with is 48
  7. Who are the member of the squirrelly scouts
  8. Who is from the fairly odd Parnets
  9. Why doesn't Timmy have a cat
  10. Is Timmy bossy
  11. Why does Timmy have buck teeth
  12. Why does Timmy have buck teeth
  13. The last question did you have fairies

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