fairly oddparents

This is a quiz I made about the television show called 'The Fairly Oddparents'. I know all the characters in that show, but I'm not a total expert. Are you? Do you think you know the answers to all these questions?

This is not a hard quiz so maybe you will be able to get 100% on it. If so then you are really good at doing quizzes or you just like to watch the television show 'Fairly Oddparents'! Have fun taking the quiz and good luck!!

Created by: brittany

  1. What color are Cosmo and Wanda's hair?
  2. How old is Timmy Turner?
  3. Does Timmy's friend AJ have hair?
  4. How many people in Fairly Oddparents hate Timmy Turner?
  5. What's Timmy Turner's alien friend's name?
  6. What is Vicky's boyfriend's name?
  7. What are Timmy Turner's mom and dad's name when they are super hero's?
  8. Who are Timmy Turner's neighbors?
  9. What is Timmy Turner's teacher's name?
  10. Who is Timmy Turner's favorite super hero?

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