Fairly odd parents quiz

A true genius of the fairly oddparents will get an A and not a D or an F. You will be a genius if you get an A. Remember no cheating! Tune in for more on Nickelodeon!

Do you know your fairly oddparents? I don't know, take this quiz to find out! No cheating! I'll know if you cheat! Cosmo and Wanda will wish you good luck!

Created by: Conner

  1. In season 6, what character came as a new character?
  2. Timmy's hat is what color?
  3. How many parts was "Wishilogy"?
  4. How many seasons are in the fairly odd parents in 2012?
  5. Timmy's bedroom wall is what color?
  6. In Timmy's Secret Wish, what was his secret wish?
  7. Crocker, is Timmy's what?
  8. Mr. Crocker, always gives Timmy what grade?
  9. Timmy is what gender?
  10. Timmy is in love with whom?
  11. Who is the king of the fairies?
  12. Who is Timmy's evil babysitter?
  13. What color is Wanda and Cosmo?
  14. Who are Timmy's main friends?

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