Do you know your hockey?

Do you know your hockey? Well step right up and take this quiz! This is a fairly quick quiz, with only ten questions. What are you waiting for?, scroll down and choose your answers!

Are you a hockey addict? Come take this quiz! It is fairly short, with only ten questions. Scroll down and click away! (Please don't cheat. It defeats the purpose of a quiz.)

Created by: 201467514
  1. Which team has won the most Stanley cups yet?
  2. How many lines are there that separate an NHL-sized rink?
  3. What occurs when a player shoots the puck down at least two red lines from their zone and a player from the opposing team retrieves it?
  4. What is the name of the playoff event that happens when the victor of the Western and Eastern conferences meet?
  5. Who does Martin Brodeur play for?
  6. Who does Marco Sturm play for? (Reminder: He doesn't play for Boston anymore.)
  7. What does the NHL stand for?
  8. How many skaters are there on each team during play?
  9. How many goalies are there on each team during play?
  10. Who is the only other player to have worn the number #99 in the NHL? (Wilf Paiement does not count in this quiz.)

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Quiz topic: Do I know my hockey?