Does He Like You

So, now that you know, you don't have to have a heart break later on, and not be happy later on with your decision, and if you don't believe, you answer, do as you please

I would probably listen to me though, because my friend dates a lot of people, and I can tell when they are going to break up, and as soon as I guess, they do.

Created by: Stephanie
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  1. Does he stare at you
  2. Does he rub against you when walking down the hallways
  3. Does he turn some of his body. So it is pointing at you, like his feet
  4. Does he try to act manly toward you
  5. Does he look at you when something embarrassing happens to him
  6. Do you like him
  7. Do your friends like him
  8. Do his friends make fun of him when he is near you
  9. Do you want to marry him
  10. What do you like him for

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