Are you ready for your first/another dog?

Getting your first dog or a playmate for your other dog(s) is a big decision, and you need to make it wisely if you want a rewarding relationship with your dog, but if you pick the right time to get a/another dog, then it can be an amazing experience

This quiz will help you figure out if you are ready for your first/another dog! Answer these questions to help you decide if you are ready for another dog, it can be a really complicated decision to make, so the advice this quiz will give will be very helpful!

Created by: Jane Smith
  1. Why do you want another dog?
  2. Do you HONESTLY feel that you are ready for your first/another dog?
  3. If you have kids, how busy do they keep you?
  4. How busy are YOU?
  5. If you have another dog, how busy does he keep you?
  6. Money....?
  7. How much experience do you have with dogs?
  8. Would you give the dog away for any reason that would likely come up in the dog's lifespan (10-15 years)?
  9. How did the idea of getting your first/another dog now come up?
  10. Does anybody in the family or anybody who is living with you have an opposition to getting a dog?
  11. If there is somebody against it, why don't they want a/another dog?
  12. You are taking this quiz because...

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for my first/another dog?