Does he like u?????

Do you want to know if that guy likes you? well then take my super accurate quiz and figure out exactly how he feels about you. But answer the questions honestly to get the honest truth.

these question are real life and have had happened to me or my friends so i have the correct answers for you and i can help you find out the truth about this guy XD

Created by: allie

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  1. How do you act around him????
  2. How does he act around you???
  3. When you two are in the same area does it always seem like by coincidence you two always find each other???
  4. When you tow are in the same area does he look at you a lot, do you over hear him talking about you, or do his friends always look at you but not him...
  5. When you two are talking how does he act???
  6. Does he ever do stuff to get your attention???
  7. What is his body language toward you????
  8. Does he smell good and look good around you???
  9. Who usually starts the conversations????
  10. Does he ever ditch his friends to hang out with you???
  11. When you look at him what does he do????
  12. Do you two go anywhere together or in a group???
  13. Okay answer truthfully does this guy even KNOW you????
  14. Do you think he likes you????
  15. What does he do when you pass him
  16. If you have ever caught him looking at you what does he do????
  17. Does he try to get you jealous???
  18. Does he always want to do assignment with you or always ask for your help???

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