Does he like u?

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There are many smart people,but few true geniuses.A genius is,afterall,quite exceptional.what is a genius? Agenius is a clever minded,smart person in the world.

Are you a clever minded genius?Do you have brain power?are you smarter than everybody?until now you could inly wonder. But thanks to this great quiz,in a few minutes you will find out you answer.

Created by: Cherry888

  1. you walk with your crush in the hall wot do u talk about
  2. You see ur crush in the mornin you:
  3. Ur crush ask u wot u r doing at the weekend u say
  4. Your crush is lookin at u in class you:
  5. Wot would be a perfect date?
  6. Wot do u have in common?
  7. Wot do ur friends think of ur crush
  8. Wot do u know about ur crush
  9. Does ur crush smile at u all the time
  10. Wot do text ur crush?

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