Does He Like Me?

Do you think he likes you?? Take this quiz in order to find out. Is he in looove, or does he think that you are absolutely ANNOYING?? Either way this quiz will tell you.

Are YOU the person of his dreams? If you spend nights, tossing and turning in your bed at night, wondering, do so no more! In a few short minutes, this quiz will tell you exactly how he feels about you.

Created by: Amber
  1. Does he talk to you?
  2. Did he ever offer to give you his number?
  3. Does he ever joke around with you?
  4. Does he rough house with you? (Punches you, pushes you, ect.)
  5. When you see him he....
  6. Do you two hang in public?
  7. When you two hang out, what do you talk about?
  8. Do you think he knows that you like him?
  9. Does he ever touch you for mo reason? (Touch your arm, legs, hair, etc.)
  10. How does he act around you?

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