Does He Have Feelings For You?

There he is again, look, staring at me! This one tiny little question: Does he have feelings for me? Keeps many of us curious girls lying awake, wondering all night long! It can be annoying not knowing when to make a move, or if he is planning to! But now you have the chance to find out!

So, does he truly have feelings for you? Is he the one? You may have felt the spark the first time you touched hands, or was it love at first sight? Well, stop worrying and take this quiz to find out!

Created by: CheeseRox
  1. You just got stung be an annoying bee, is your crush sympathetic?
  2. A really mean boy is harassing you and teasing you, how does your crush react?
  3. What is his body language like towards you? Does he often stare at you, blush or move closer to you? When he laughs does he put his hand on your arm or shoulder?
  4. Your really struggling on a maths question in class, how does your crush respond?
  5. You tell a really lame joke, what does your crush do?
  6. Is he violent towards you? Does he playfully punch your arm or do it on purpose? Does he tickle you?
  7. You just got a cute new top, does your crush compliment you?
  8. Your crush and his mates are playing a cool game, he...
  9. Do you two share the same interests?
  10. Have you two ever experienced that awkward moment when you guys where outside, alone at night and staring at each other?
  11. Do you have his number or are you friends on a social networking site? Do you often talk to each other?
  12. Happy birthday! How does your crush react on this special occasion?
  13. Do his or your older siblings or friends ever tease you two about liking each other?
  14. How does he greet you when he sees you?

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