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  • So My man and his ex been together for a year , and everybody calls them goals , they met eachother family and everything.Me and him started talking like a month after him and his ex broke up.i still dont know why they broke up but he have her mom number .. but his ex phone broke and she uses her mom phone .. one time the mother called but it was her he went into the other room and you can hear him screaming from the top of his lungs .. but recently him and the mother was texting and he said he loves her her daughter . and him and his ex was otp few days ago but nobody would tell me what they was talking about . i dont know if i should be worried

  • My man even attends the same church with his baby mama. once I went through his phone he is even looking for a job for her. They talk everyday even when the child is not with her. she even calls him to check why he is late for a program they had at church

    I need advice

    • talk to him about it ask why he is doing it hope it helps

  • He hugs me back and talks to me 24/7, but he still has her on his phone and talks to her two or three times a week. I'm worried I'm going to get my heartbroken. What should I do?

    • Ex's keep in touch bc of course they still care but i dont think you should worry bc hes giving YOU his attention. And yeah there are moments you feel insecure about if he still loves her but just remember he's with you and not her.


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