Does he have a crush on you too?

Even if you take this quiz and it says he doesn't like you, don't take my word for it. No quizzes can actually tell you the feeling of your crush. But if it does say he likes you, and you like him, why not go for, it couldn't hurt.

Does your crush like you? Would you make a good couple? Does he flirt with you? This quiz will answer most of your "crush questions" about if he likes you or not. About if you should ask him out or not. This will answer your questions.

Created by: Sandy
  1. Does he try to make you laugh?
  2. When your around do you notice him flirting with other girls?
  3. How often does he talk to you in a day?
  4. Do you ever notice him blushing, leaning towards you, or having his body face you while your talking?
  5. Do you ever notice him looking at you?
  6. Try looking into his eyes, it may sound strange and look strange, but do you notice his eyes dilating?
  7. Do you notice him stuttering?
  8. Does he often talk about himself?
  9. How do his friends treat you?
  10. Does he tease you more than other girls?
  11. Does he notice or compliment on your hair, clothing, or perfume?
  12. Try one of these two things. When you see him in the hall "excellently" drop your book/notebook, does he pick it up? OR: Ask him to do something for you, have it be simply not anything difficult, just like throwing something away. Does he said yes?

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