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  • Denial? Yeah right! My crush, he sometimes looks at me, avoid me (or so it seems), and only talks to me when I'm in a group of some sort. Not even talking to me directly! I have NO chance. He's going after the popular girls! GRRR! I need fashion advice! D:

  • Theres this kid trying to ruin my life. If he were in love with me I'd get a "yes".

    1. He talks to me by insulting me.

    2. He hangs around me to both mentally and physically hurt me.

    3. He stares at me because he's whispering crude jokes about me to all his stupid friends.

    And more....

    Death Dovey
  • A Yes

    This test may work for you and it will make you life fun and easy. When you get the guts to ask, and they say yes. That's my goal. When this happens rate this quiz.

    im glad i got a yes, but he doesn't like me. he doesnt date, and he admitted that he doesnt like anyone. i figured he'd like this cool popular girl named Lexi. he hangs out w/ ALL the time. and i admit that i dont date either and sometimes i get jealous and over-protective. not exactly stalking but i sometimes watch him 2 see if he's hanging out w/ any other girl. im his friend and stuff. i also look at his eyes when he's talking 2 another girl 2 see if he likes her.... am i weird? tell the truth. its ok if i am.... everyone else probably thinks im emo... but im not, btw, lol.

  • @weird h0rse You have a friend named Gavin?! I'm like, BEST FRIENDS with him. If the Gavin you are talking about is the same Gavin I'm talking about don't try and pursue him. Mr. Tall, dark and handsome is taken by some one i know........ (ME!!!) if you are talking about a different one than forget i ever typed this. ; )

  • U R so totally right! Gavin is so denial around me!I really hope that what you said is right.

    weird h0rse
  • I'm only doing the quiz because I have nothing better to do

  • wtf? the second time i took this quiz i got a yes. the guy i was thinking of that time doesn't even like me and i know it. not the best quiz but it wasn't too awful.

    (btw, the first time i took it i got a yes but i think it might be true.)

    elle bee
  • He's in denial! I could have gotten that from my dog! I already know h's denying it!!!

  • yay i think my crush likes me even without the quiz! haha cant wait he is a flirt and he has the worlds cuties nose and softest hair like a blanket!

    zak bagans
  • stupidest quiz ever .

  • I got yes. I always get yes. And I already asked him. He said not that way.

  • I agree with @saywhat1234 this is pretty dumb

  • Uhh this wasn't my ideal quiz but... I GOT A YES! :)

  • fh

  • dumb

  • oh, come on guys, dont be mean! :P in fact, i really loved it!!! Make another!!!(i hope he does like me...):D

  • yep! dumb! nothing can stop me from crushing on him!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! * maniac laugh *


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