Do your parents love you?

There are many types of parents. But do you know if your parents really love you? Take this quiz to find out about the love your parents give you everyday.

Please do not feel so much hate to this quiz, this is my first quiz. Support this quiz! Share with friends. For the info, this quiz will not always be accurate.

  1. Do they always stand up for you if you have problems with other peers?
  2. Do your parents give you unexpected gifts when they have a good day at work or when they got their paycheck?
  3. Do they like to shower you with lots of hugs and kisses?
  4. Do they act as your shield?
  5. Does your parents seem interested in your interests and hobbies?
  6. Are your parents always telling you that they love you?
  7. Are your parents usually available to play with you or spend quality family time?
  8. Do your parents listen to your feelings or problems?
  9. Do they scowl at your mistakes?
  10. Do you feel like you parents love you?

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Quiz topic: Do my parents love you?