How much you LOVE your parents?

"Everyone has mom and dad. Every children all over the world is have to love they parents. God give you a good and nice parents, you have to love them. Don't makes them stress."

"Do you love your parents? Do you have a big heart to love your parents? Did you ever wondered how much you love your parents? If you still confused and you want to know, let's join this quiz!"

Created by: Hiromi
  1. Do you love your parents (Mom and dad)?
  2. How many you kissed and hugged your parents today?
  3. I don't think this question is a good question, but have you ever fight with your parents?
  4. What is your mum's favourite thing?
  5. What's your dad's favourite thing?
  6. What's your parents age?
  7. Which one mother's day?
  8. Who you more love?
  9. Are your parents loves you?
  10. Did you ever run away from home???
  11. Did you ever bully your parents?
  12. Did you ever makes your home explode?
  13. Did you ever make your parents stress?
  14. Are you have a pet?
  15. Did you ever go to another countries?
  16. Are your parents buy something for you?
  17. Did you enjoyed this quiz?
  18. This is the last question, what your favourite film?
  19. This is the last question, what your favourite film?

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Quiz topic: How much you LOVE my parents?