What does he think of me?

I made this quiz because I was sick of taking ones that had no allowances for parents being in the way because that sometimes makes things stronger and I wasn't getting the scores I knew I deserved because there weren't any.

So just take this quiz and enjoy it, and bask in your results if Romeo loves you even if your parents are in the way. If so then listen to Taylor Swift's Love Story to pep you up

Created by: Just Kidding
  1. Is he older or younger than you?
  2. How often do you see each other?
  3. If someone insults you and he hears, what does he do?
  4. Do you guys communicate?
  5. How is he with your parents?
  6. Do you guys hold hands, hug, high fives etc.?
  7. Do you have his number and vice versa?
  8. Do you share interests?
  9. First kiss?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?
  11. Have you told each other you loved each other?

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