Are You Respectful Of Your Parents?

Some people are not that kind to there parents. Others are very kind. When your disrespectful to your parents it is not good. What makes you feel this way? Can it be fixed?

You can always fix your problems you have with your parents. Just take this quick quiz to see how respectful you are because this might come in handy.

Created by: Keyanna
  1. You're on your phone, watching your favorite show etc. And your mom calls you. You say..
  2. Your mom/dad doesn't let you go to your friends house. You say..
  3. Your mom gets you the iphone 5c instead of the iphone 5s. You say.
  4. Did u ever or do u slap your mom or dad?
  5. Did you ever say shut up to your parents?
  6. Your mom is that to picking you up for your sport. You say/you would do.
  7. You say: my can we have pizza please? She says: No not today. You say...
  8. Do you love your mom and dad? Or guardian?
  9. Are you enjoying this quiz? (won't effect your grade)
  10. Did u ever regret saying something u said to your parents? (won't affect your grade)

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Quiz topic: Am I Respectful Of my Parents?