Do you wonder if one of your guy friends like you?(Guys only)

People keep wondering if someone in their group is gay take the test see what happens stop wondering stop judging and take the test. judging is wrong, wrong I say.

When I was 10 there was this boy who was really strange we kept on thinking he was gay then we found out he wasn't then he just got really pissed at us poor Max

Created by: Alikea
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he stare at you often then when you look at him he acts he wasn't staring
  2. Does he seem to call your name for no reason
  3. Does he act gay towards you
  4. Does he spend most of his time with you
  5. Does he come over your house
  6. How does he talk to most of the time
  7. Do you hang out in a group of friends
  8. If you didn't click yes for the previous question don't answer this one click on can't answer. Does he piss every one off except you
  9. If he stares at you for how long
  10. What does he say when people say you guys make a cute couple
  11. How does he look at you
  12. When ever you can't come to a party or birthday with does he say sorry
  13. If you said no to the previous question click on can't answer. how does he say sorry
  14. 4 more questions. does he give you alot of gifts
  15. Do people think you're gay
  16. Is he a jerk to others but not you
  17. Does it seem like he flirts with you
  18. The last question this question doesn't count but did you like it

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Quiz topic: Do I wonder if one of my guy friends like you?(Guys only)