Do you truly LOVE the Hunger Games?

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As you may know the award winning book the Hunger Games has now come out as a movie! The movie is topping the charts in seconds! The Hunger Games has taken the world by storm.

But are you a true lover of the hunger games? Or do you just read teh book and watch the movie because everyone else does. That will all be determined here.

Created by: bThorne
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  1. Have you read all the Hunger Games Books?
  2. When did you see the movie?
  3. When the Hunger Games came out in theaters did you...
  4. Did you care enough to pick if your on Team peeta or Team Gale?
  5. When you started reading the Hunger Games did you...
  6. When you hear this what is your response. " I am in love with the boy with the bread'
  7. When you hear this what is your response? I like dudes with bows
  8. Are you planning on reading more Susan Collins books?
  9. Thanks so much for taking the quiz hope you enjoyed!
  10. Will you please rate my quiz please? P.S I love Gale

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Quiz topic: Do I truly LOVE the Hunger Games?