What Hunger Game Tribute Are You (All Books)

If you love the Hunger Games and have always wondered what tribute you would be, this is your quiz. Reading the books will help but i guess it won't hurt if you haven't.

You can turn out as Katniss, Peeta, Foxface,Clove, Johanna, Annie, Cato, and more! I personally love the Hunger Games. My favorite character is Finnick.

Created by: Desstrea
  1. Chose something you like.
  2. Who is your favorite character out of the ones listed?
  3. Do You Like Careers?
  4. Would You want to be a career?
  5. What would your weapon be?
  6. What is your personality
  7. If you won the games, what would your talent be.
  8. If you were picked for the Hunger Games you would...
  9. You are in the arena and you are starving when you see an unknown berry, you....
  10. Your main talent is...
  11. If you had just one the Hunger Games you would...

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Quiz topic: What Hunger Game Tribute am I (All Books)